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UX Design
Livemore ScreenLess
Evaluative Research, Think Aloud Protocol, Usability Testing, Affinity Diagramming
Heuristics Analysis, Usability Test Script, Findings & Recommendations Report
Figma, Keynote, Google Docs, Zoom, Voice Memos
My Role
Worked on a team of four to review and conduct research on the organization's web page.

Findings and recommendations for LiveMore ScreenLess

The focus of this project was to help the LiveMore ScreenLess organization host a more usable web page.  LiveMore ScreenLess wanted to find out where the gap was between who they are, and a user's first impression.

After conducting research, I created a findings and recommendations report to share with the client. The organization is tackling a relevant need within our society, once the roadblocks are removed, users will be able to more quickly access resources and connection points.


LiveMore ScreenLess is in pursuit of helping young people, individuals and families to find a healthy balance with technology and screen time.

The goal given by the client was to find out what would help users to understand more quickly what the organization was all about. After looking over the LiveMore ScreeLess website, each member of our team did a usability review to gather what sort of things might be worth really looking into. After connecting as a team about our findings, we moved on to preparing for some usability test interviews.

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With a timeline of one week, our team of four:

  • Did a heuristic analysis of LiveMore ScreenLess
  • Conducted a study with five participants
  • Synthesized the data from the study
  • Created a findings and recommendations report to share with the client

Quotes shared in the interviews:

“I just sort of have to, like, jump all over the place to like, find something I might have been looking for”

“There's so much information that I don't really know what things I'm supposed to like, care about.”

“It's just like too much information. So it just makes me feel overwhelmed.”

Users also shared that seeing who was on the team and their education made them trust the organization. They also shared that they thought that the goal of helping users to find a healthy balance in technology was valuable.

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Once the interviews were finished, using think aloud protocol, our team worked on an affinity diagram to synthesize the data.

Using the research from the interviews and the heuristic analysis, we found the there were a few important areas to pay attention to:

  1. It is difficult for users to know how to get to valued screens. (Navigation)
  2. It is difficult for users to know what is important on each page. (Hierarchy)
  3. Users can tell that this is a trustworthy page with good intentions. (Trust)
  4. There is lots of good data available on the site, but it is difficult for users to get to it and then read it. (Resources)
  5. Users do not always feel that the audience is clear. (Audience)

I created a findings and recommendations report that shared this information. In the recommendations portion of the report, I shared some ideas on how to move forward with opportunity areas. Some of these included:

  • A low fidelity wireframe of the home page that included some of the recommendations.
  • Simplify homepage to show what LiveMore ScreenLess is about and what it can do for an individual, a community or a family.
  • Give the navigation bar more readable color, font and size.
  • Create as much consistency as possible from page to page.
  • Give videos a description.
  • Take out the blue buttons on each page, and make sure the information is accessible either on the header navigation or footer navigation.
  • Five potential categories: About, Young People, Families/ Individuals, Educators, Resources

Overall, there were both successes and windows of opportunity found in our research for LiveMore ScreenLess. I am excited to see more users find resources for building a healthier lifestyle and connection with technology.

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