Nurture App

UX Design
Think-Aloud Testing and Directed Storytelling
Wireframes, User flow, AI Diagram, Interactive Prototype, Speak-aloud Evaluation Research
Axure, Sketch, Zoom, Voice Memos, Google Docs, A Sketchbook
My Role
With feedback, I worked through this project and its many stages.

Nurture, a personal wellness app

The focus of this project was helping individuals find a sustainable way to nurture and care for their personal wellbeing in a fast paced personal and work environment, so that they can engage with life in an enjoyable and meaningful way. This user group is looking to find a way to sustainable and quick care for their personal health. They are looking for value in small amounts of time being used for maximum help level.


People looking for a way to care for their personal wellness within an app generally are looking for something sustainable and quick.

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Starting with user research, I interviewed three people using the directed storytelling method. Based on the insights gained, I sketched a few low fidelity wireframes and created a basic user flow.

My next steps were creating digitized sketches, a functional prototype, and one of my favorite parts, a user flow diagram.

The user flow was the path created based on the research done with the directed storytelling interviews. It was made to have a simple start, and a quick path for everyone, unless more help was wanted by the user. 

After creating a functional prototype, I moved on into usability testing. I used the think-aloud method with four people, asking each participant to try a few different tasks to see where they would get stuck / where any missing pieces might be.

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4 of 4 users saw the insights page and thought they would only one of the suggestions, instead of considering doing all three. 2 of 4 users voiced that they wanted more emotion options. “I feel like I should have more options. What if I’m angry or stressed? I don’t know that these represent that.” 4 of 4 users appreciated the visual emotion usage on the first feelings page. 3 of 4 users were easily able to locate the profile button.


1.) Give the insights page only one button. The users thought they were supposed to pick only one thing from the suggestions list, but this way they will at least be brought through all three of the suggestions that were created to work together. Example in photo below. 

2.) Making the navigation button of the page users are located on the same color as the header. A user tapped on the chat button and once arriving on the chat screen, said “Alright, three options here: Chat, Message, Call” believing there were three options & feeling a little confused. 

3.) Because 2 of 4 users shared that they would want more emotion choices, it may be worth investigating / bringing in 4 to 6 more emotion options.

In conclusion, it will be incredibly valuable to improve affordances with the navigation bar, as well as the user flow/guidance through the insights portion of the app experience. Lastly, a user said “it may be possible that some days I only want to spend around five minutes on the app.” Sustainability continues to be a theme that keeps coming back. Users are looking for something that they can keep doing. Keep the path short & suggestions/exercises quick to help users to be able to continue caring for their personal wellness often.

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