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UX Design
Imagine Deliver
Secondary Research, Stakeholder Interview, Content Inventory & Audit, Information Architecture, Competitor Analysis, Rapid Prototyping, User Journey Mapping, Multi-touchpoint Strategy Mapping, Annotated Wire framing, Client Pitch Video
Multi-touchpoint Strategy Map, Touchpoint Strategy Tour Video, Annotated Low Fidelity Prototypes
Figma, Google Suite, Logic Pro, Shure SM7B, Slack, Excalidraw, iMovie, Zoom
My Role
I was a researcher, writer, designer, and presenter. I also did the audio recording and audio editing for the video presentation.

Multi-touchpoint strategy and prototypes for Imagine Deliver

Imagine Deliver is a specialized, local consultancy that focuses on inclusive design and equitable strategies for system(s) (re)design. They are focused on getting their clients to think about inclusive strategies first, and then build plans and systems for their clients around that way of thinking.

They want to be seen as a national thought-leadership consultancy by advancing their website and integrating their thought pieces into a multi-touchpoint engagement strategy. They are seeking creative, accessible, and cutting-edge strategies to showcase their insights and personality as a way of reaching and engaging with new audiences while positioning themselves as a national leader in equitable and inclusive systems transformation work.

Project Direction

This project started off with a Stakeholder interview, a competitor analysis and a content inventory. From the secondary research and interview, our team noted that there were two very important user groups; possible clients, and non clients.

Opportunity Space

Based on Imagine Deliver's desire to pursue thought leadership, we decided to focus on non clients. Imagine Deliver said that they were doing well with finding clients / people to work with, so a major space they were looking at for growth was helping their resources end up in new peoples hands.

The guiding strategy statement that we wrote: All user experience touchpoints for Imagine Deliver will help non-clients to feel connected, included and/or activated, so that they are able to share valued information, engage with the company and community. We will do this by focusing on website copy, information architecture, and social media direction, structure and style. As a result, we hope to see an increase in website resource downloads, newsletter subscribers, followers on social media, and engagement on social media.

Our next steps were creating a persona, Connie, and designing a touchpoint strategy map.

Selected Touchpoints:
  • Find on social media
  • Explore Imagine Deliver's website
  • Discover resources
  • Spread On social media platforms
  • Events and workplace
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As the project developed, I continued on in:

  • Research
  • Synthesizing the finings from a survey
  • Development for the social media touchpoints
  • Discovering resources touchpoint.

I started to develop a low-fidelity annotated wireframe prototype for my proposed Imagine Delivers resources page and some annotations.

As I began digging into the social media strategy, Sara Laufers is the one that took the resources project over and brought the fidelity up. Check out more of her work at!

My other team members, Grace Davig , Tad Runkle and Jared Burseth, focused on the newsletters, insights, case studies and the homepage of the website.

After synthesizing the data from a survey on instagram, part of the strategy focus is putting out the quality content that Imagine deliver already puts out, but sharing it at a much higher frequency. I am also going to recommend that they focus on 1-2 specific platforms. Their current larger followings with the best engagement are LinkedIn and instagram, so I am recommending that those are the two that they focus on. If they choose to expand, and have more resources for social media, my team and I believed that Imagine Deliver would be able to make big splashes on tiktok and youtube.

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The team worked together to create a touchpoint strategy tour video to share with the Imagine Deliver team. I wrote the script for two of the five touchpoints, several of the slides, and created the overview for the video tour. I also did the audio recording and editing of the video. Also, here you can view the team I worked with! The cartoon depictions were made by Sara Laufers.

Closing Thoughts

I enjoyed working on this project for Imagine Deliver, and I would happily to do it for you!

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