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Secondary Research, Think Aloud Protocol, Directed Storytelling, Affinity Diagram, Empathy Map, Persona, Fly On the Wall Observations, Quantitative Survey, Wireframes, Prototyping, Interactive Prototyping, Usability Testing
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Questable is a way-finding, gamified mobile app design utilizing augmented reality for large events and curated spaces

The goal of this design is to help users to find what they came for, while still allowing them to get lost in the magic. The first thoughts for this design were inspired by discussions about getting lost and/or not being able to find something or someone at large events. 

Project Direction

This project started off with interviewing four people about their experiences navigating large events. I wanted to find out what they considered frustrating / what they have used to navigate places. I also asked about their experience with augment reality, if they did any gaming, and what their experiences were like.

Opportunity Space

Based on four directed storytelling interviews, users are having a difficult time navigating big events such as State Fair, Renaissance Festival, MOA, Open Street Lyndale or even a museum like the MIA

When I did my competitive analysis, I looked at Google maps, Pokemon Go, Apple Maps, Zombie run!, Disney Land’s app and MOA’s directory app. I wanted to go through a few that were brought up in my interviews as well as a couple others that I had heard of. I found that there is quite a variety, but there really aren't any general large event way-finding apps other than google maps, or mobile apps for individuals spaces like Disney Land or Mall of America's directory app.

I visited a couple of events and using the “fly on the wall” observation method, I gathered some qualitative data, but additionally, I also went another direction focusing on quantitative data for my observation time. I spent about 30 minutes at two different locations and counted up to 468 people. I found that about 1 in 4 small groups of people, at a large events, had at least one mobile device in use. Additionally, about 3 in 4 small groups of people had a mobile device readily available visually. 

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For this project, I used the Minnesota Renaissance Festival as my main large event example.

As I did the directed storytelling interviews, I asked specifically about the renaissance festival.

Here are a couple things that were said:

  • “Well, it was really hard because I had never been there before.. there weren't very many signs, so I kept having to ask people."
  • “I would just walk somewhere and hope it was there.”

Users shared that the renaissance festival can be difficult to navigate & would be open to new ways of navigating

Additionally, I created an empathy map, user journey map, a persona and scenario based on the directed storytelling interviews.

Based on all of the information that I gathered, I embarked on a journey of creating wireframes, starting in low fidelity. As I continued on the project and figured out the design for some main screens, I continued to iterate and up the fidelity.

Once I created an interactive prototype, I was ready for usability testing.

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For the Questable design’s usability testing, I interviewed six users. They shared:

  • I really like this for places and events. I like that you can use your camera, what you are seeing and be guided with that, because it helps me from where I am.”
  • “It looks like a really cool idea”!
  • “I like the part where it says you have found a hidden creature, attempt to win them over.. I think that sounds fun and enticing.”

Next Steps and A Consideration
  • To build out what it could look like to have quest narrative options
  • Additionally, it would be cool to add in the ability to search for quest tasks with friends on different devices
  • Something to consider: AR is a relatively new technology and not many people are familiar with it.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, it seems that there is definitely a space on the market for Questable!

  • Users are very interested in the usage of augmented reality for way finding at large events or spaces. 
  • 5 of 6 users shared that they feel there is a need for this at an event like the renaissance festival.
  • Users are also very excited about the gamification side of this app.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, and I would happily to do it for you!

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