Prime Pal

UX Design
AEIOU Framework, Think-Aloud Protocol, Heuristic Analysis, Usability Test, Directed Storytelling
Heuristic Analysis, Design Concepts, Physical Prototype, Client Pitch Presentation
Figma, Keynote, Google Docs, Zoom, Voice Memos
My Role
With feedback, I worked through this project and its many stages.

Prime Pal, a welcome gift to students

The focus of this project was helping individuals find a sustainable way to nurture and care for their personal wellbeing in a fast paced personal and work environment, so that they can engage with life in an enjoyable and meaningful way. This user group is looking to find a way to sustainable and quick care for their personal health. They are looking for value in small amounts of time being used for maximum help level.


With a timeline of one week, I was asked to design a welcome gift for incoming students. The goal given by the client was to form a welcome gift that was personal and useable. After observing the students, finding that many of them had subtle ways to express themselves, saw that they enjoyed quirky expressions of personality on the walls, on their desk and really just about anywhere. I set out to make something that students might use on campus as well as something that they would keep after leaving.

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I observed the subjects and recorded information using AEIOU, an evidence based design process. Next, I designed a few low fidelity mock ups and received feedback from my colleagues. 

After synthesizing the information, I did a usability analysis on similar products so that common problems could be avoided. After conversing with my colleagues, I felt that I had collected the base information for putting together the physical prototype.

While creating the prototype of my design, I was paying special attention to the potential size, shape and nods to future function. It proved to be quite difficult to create a prototype of this type of figure, but overall successful in creating a physical prototype.

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Once the prototype was finished, I interviews current full stack prime students .When being asked if this is something that they would hold onto after school a participant shared “I would probably be more so at home or a long term office.” Another shared “I would keep it for a while”! Three of three participants shared that this bear was likable and comforting.

Overall, I found that the stability, size, and cute face of the prototype was valued. Additionally, many students seemed really interested in whether or not the figure would effectively hold valued object, with two participants asking specifically about holding their glasses. It future iterations of this figure, I recommend bendable or more sturdy arms. The fidelity the of the next Prime pal should be focused on those details, as well as bringing up the aesthetic closer to the design. 

Three out of three participants said that they thought this product was cute. Two out of three participants thought they would keep it after Prime, in a workspace. Participants said “this would be a really cool memento” and “I like it.”

Prime Pal would bring value to students. In bringing comfort and a space for personal expression, it will help students to bring their authentic selves to the forefront.

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